Ok Folks, It’s Time For a Turbo History Lesson!

Banks Twin Turbo
Our SBC Banks Twin Turbo dates from the 70’s when 102 octane Chevron Custom Supreme pump gas and water methanol injection got it done with 800hp at 6800 rpm. The system had a shuttle valve air dump and exhaust manifold mounted dual wastegates.

Here’s our Banks twin turbo layout that was developed in our 67 Chevy panel truck, The White Tortilla. This picture is a slightly later version which used an R4 AC compressor which we added in 1977. The front drive is Banks as well and used V-belts. There was no Vintage Air and no flat belts back then. We did our own valve covers as well. The engines were based on our marine SBC long blocks. With water/methanol injected before our blow thru Holley we were right at 800 hp.

TT 427
Here’s our Banks Twin Turbo 427″ which is on the dyno as we speak, we’re looking for 1,200 hp at 7,200 rpm on 91 octane. These are street engines intended to exceed 100,000 miles.
TT 427
Our Banks Twin Turbo 427″ SBC is using a crank triggered ignition with a 4 coil waste spark system and a cam position sensor where the stock distributor once lived. This allows our Holley Dominator ECU to control sequential injection.

I’ve done this layout thousands of times over the last 40 years, it’s sorta like I’m signing my name! Our LS layout is coming and it’s very new but still rocks the basic look.

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