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Gale Talks EcoDiesel

“We had first fire in our engine test cells and our first impression was about the sound…this thing is sweet!”

Banks Super-Turbo DD60 Freightliner, Pikes Peak Outrage

Come with me to practice on the Mountain! On this video I’ll explain my Forced induction and water/meth addiction in an interview, at the press conference, prior to the race. No Coal; We tuned for borderline smoke off the turns to be sure we had all the power we could get! As it builds speed… Read more »

Plenty of things going on!

I know that our blog has been silent for several months, but it’s only because there’s been so much going on here at Banks. In a time when others are simply folding up the card table and are taking down the tent, we’re looking at what things we want to concentrate on next. Being that… Read more »

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Arm Wrestling or Q and A

Some of you might have had the chance to see the webcast, while others… well you were probably at work since it was in the middle of the day. For those of you who missed it, or were working for the man, I’ll post video on the whole thing once I get it in. There were great presentations from all of the panel members, including one from BMW explaining how today’s diesel works. Very simple explanation, and easily understood…

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Destination: Capitol of California

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Sacramento, Ca. See, Gale and I were invited to participate in an event Bosch is putting on here at the state’s capital called California Diesel Days. The intention of this outing is to raise the awareness of the legislative group in the toughest and most mandated “Green” state in the Union…