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Fat Motor inna Little Truck

A friend just asked me about my Blown Diesel Shop Truck. It’s a swap based on a Chevy 454 SS, here’s his post. “How about more info on that engine swap!!! I ready to see some performance numbers from that whipple diesel. The next swap: Maybe a big block twin turbo in that shop truck…. Read more »

Built for Speed – Two Banks Machines for the Price of One

Remember the Stray Cats’ smash hit album Built for Speed? Even Brian Setzer himself couldn’t fathom the speeds that the Banks machines are capable of.

Last time I left you with the first firing of the Banks Top Diesel Dragster engine. The guys weren’t just starting this thing up just to hear it purr. The dragster will run soon; very soon. In fact, you’re going to get two Banks machines for the price of one.